Bedding Buying Guide: How To & What are Decorating Ideas for the Home

Are you wondering about what kind of really luxury bed sheets or fine linens you should buy that are truly affordable but still high quality? Have you heard about a duvet cover for your bed but not quite sure what a duvet cover really is when referring to designer bedding? At Swanky Outlet, we have compiled many years of information and frequently asked questions into an informative bedding guide so that you can easily transform your bedroom into your personal palace all while sticking to your own budget and needs. We discuss topics such as how to fold fitted sheets, what are the different types of materials bed sheets are made from, how to buy sheets based on thread count, how to know which down comforter is going to be the best choice for you to purchase on a budget to keep you warm this winter, which bed pillow is the perfect choice to support your neck and back at night, and many more decorating tips. We will focus on some beginning bedding basic questions and branch out into some traditional interior design and home decor tips for decorating your house without spending too much money. Swanky Outlet wants to make sure all of our customers are knowledgeable about the topic of bedding sets and collections we sell as well as how they can be displayed within the home to make the space more livable and comfortable. We hope to host some of the best interior designers and DIY home decor blogs posts here on our website to offer our readers and buyers a world of information about home decorating tips, bedroom color schemes, and how to decorate the bedroom by just adding a few fun and colorful accessories. 


The ABC's of Buying New Bed Sheets

Everyone loves to buy something new especially bed sheets since they naturally make us feel relaxed, secure, content, and even happy, but there are some rules everyone should consider before purchasing new sheets for your bed so you don't you don't end up wasting your time and your money. Here is the fun list we compiled to teach you the basics of bed sheets starting with the ABC's.

A is for “Already Know your Size before you begin Shopping”
As with anything, appearances can be deceiving so it is very important before you race off to buy a new set of bed sheets that you know what size mattress your bed holds as well as know what size sheets to buy to place over the mattress. 

B stands for "Breathable Sheets"

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night with the sweats and wondered why your sheets were soaking wet? Have you ever snuggled up under the bed covers and wondered why you were not staying very warm? When we refer to sheets being breathable, talking about night sweats, humidity, and body temperature are key elements that describe breathable sheets. 

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Basic Bedroom Decorating Ideas 

Guest Post by Interior Decorator Michelle Radcliff

Are you wondering the best way to decorate your bedroom on a budget? Do you need a little free advice about how to redecorate your bedroom? We are honored to have interior decorator Michelle Radcliff gives us some tips and pointers about basic bedroom decorating ideas on our bedding buying guides this week. Read Michelle's decorating ideas as well as more about Michelle at the link below.

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Between the Sheets: Our Frequently Asked Questions about Bed Sheets


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