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Posted: Feb 03 2013


Growing up in the South my mother has always been an avid collector of antiques. Our house was fully furnished with gorgeous tables, chairs, and chandeliers from older antebellum homes so I have the love of antiques in my blood. I even slept on an old iron antique bed as a child and still sometimes get what we call the "thrill of the hunt" for those hidden treasures some people think are worth not very much but can be very precious to collectors. It is always so much fun to go to estate sales and auctions to find some fantastic deals when decorating our home. With the new social media pinterest craze I have found so many ways to take some older furniture or pieces and restore them into pieces that I would have never thought about before. The DIY or do it yourself era is definitely on the rise and makes upcycling fantastic for the environment.

If you have that passion for antiques or love finding a bargain and turning it into a treasure as part of your home decor then you need to visit one of our favorite blogs called No Minimalist Here! The owner of the blog Sherry is an antique dealer in Virginia and she has fantastic posts on ideas about home decor, what are some fantastic projects to make a room look much better, and just like me she loves a bargain! She has been a fantastic supporter of Swanky Outlet and we want to say thank you so much and show our appreciation to her as well.

I asked Sherry to tell us a little bit about herself and her blog "No Minimalist Here" and here's what she had to say " I started writing this blog three years ago when my husband and I moved to Virginia. Being so far from family and friends I thought this would be a way for a few of them to follow along as we decorated our new home. Never did I think the blog would become a hit with now over 6000 followers from different sources. I am amazed and thankful every day for those that enjoy my site. Being an antique dealer is the perfect job for me. I have always loved decorating, collecting, antiques, flea markets ect. My father was an antique dealer and I grew up going to auctions and flea markets. I learned at an early age that it was possible to have a beautifully decorated home on a budget. The hunt for that perfect item is exhilarating and I like finding unique items for my customers and for use in our home.

Congratulations to Sherry on the success of her fantastic blog No Minimalist Here! Please take a few minutes to go by and read some of her posts. You might even find some new and great ideas for things to update around the house. We have thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Sherry as she is one of the most pleasant bloggers I have dealt with to date.

Go Visit Sherry's Blog NO MINIMALIST HERE Now!

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