What is the difference between Siberian European and Hungarian Goose Down Comforters?

Posted: Nov 14 2011

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 Finding the right down comforter can be confusing and tricky for most consumers. Most people want the best down comforter that will suit their needs but have no clue where to start when it comes to choosing the right one. In Europe and surrounding regions what we refer to as a down comforter is actually called a duvet in that part of the world. When placing a decorative fabric cover over the product is where the term duvet cover originated from, but in the United States it can also be referred to as a comforter cover.

The general buying public walk into a department store or outlet looking to buy a lofty but swanky down comforter at a great price. Well, the old saying “you pay for what you get” definitely refers to down comforters or duvets. Not all down comforters are the same at all. Most of your inexpensive down comforters might say just white down and a lot of these are manufactured overseas actually in China. The quality of the actual geese is very important and plays a major role in the type and quality of the down comforter that you purchase. Alot of people see the word Siberian used in the newer selection of down comforters and think it makes them better or warmer when actually just the opposite is true. The Siberian geese are a protected species and siberian down comforters are not make in Siberia. The term Siberian when referring to down comforters is used as a brand or trade name.

The most sought after down comforters are referred to as European and Hungarian White Goose down comforters for a specific reason. The geese are bred, raised, and well taken care of just for the purpose of harvesting their down and feathers for duvets which is actually done by hand. The birds are protected in these regions and are not harmed in any way and under a “no kill” rule which makes it safer and animal friendly. The colder the region the more down the geese are going to have in order to protect them from the natural elements. This is why Hungarian down comforters are the most expensive yet they yield the finest quality and amount of down and feathers. A misconception that is very common is that the heavier the down comforter the more warmth it will produce. The opposite is actually true in this case. The more down which is lighter weight than feathers actually produces more warmth so don’t buy a down comforter just based on its weight. 

One of the most popular questions we receive is why do most down comforters have a funny smell after they are laundered or washed. This has to do with several factors such as the quality of the down and feathers as well as where they were harvested. The majority of the lesser and least expensive down comforters originate in China where the regulations on cleaning and sanitizing the down and feathers is not regulated. This is a major reason why your down comforter has a bad or terrible smell when it is washed. Most down comforters recommend dry cleaning and if you do wash them they must be completely dried immediately. Alot of people lay them out to dry on their own which can cause the down and feathers to mold or mildew which not only smells bad but is not healthy to sleep under. If you purchase an inexpensive down comforter that has a higher amount of feathers than down then chances are the down comforter will smell even more. There are cleaning agents that are specifically designed to use when laundering down which are a little more expensive but helps with the smell and prolongs the life of your comforter. If you choose to wash your down comforter it is best to use a front loading commercial washing machine and dryer so that the down comforter has plenty of room to thoroughly clean and dry it properly. The best way to protect your duvet or down comforter is to get a protective cover to go over it so that the comforter cover can be easily removed and laundered without having to wash the actual down comforter itself.

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